I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Divine.

I had the opportunity to have grown up in a family with a deep faith. And although my view of God and the Divine has expanded to include concepts and ideas outside of traditional Christianity,  I am grateful for having experienced very early what it means to believe in something larger and more important than myself. It is that sense of being part of a larger purpose that continues to inform my days — if only to pull me back closer to sanity when I become shallow, self-absorbed and judgmental.

Over the last month, in a time of what feels like global darkness, I have taken up the challenge of actively looking for the Divine in my daily life. Forcing myself to take notice and absorb lightness and beauty.

At one point, I considered posting some of those moments to this blog. They are, after all, in Eugene. But it didn’t take me many days to realize that — at least for the time being — the Divine is spring and spring is DIVINE. Which, in practical terms means discovering beauty in bloom upon bloom upon bloom. Not exactly a narrative arc ;)

I will post the collection here some day, but for the moment, I am sticking closer to the original intent of this photo blog: capturing the Eugene vibe. For me, nothing says Eugene quite like re-opening of Saturday Market and the accompanying bounty of the Farmer’s Market.

As far as embracing the Divine? I think I got it today.

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